About Me

My name is Andrea Longoria and creativity has always been at the core of my life. My artistic paths include body art, murals, clay, canvas, and mixed mediums. Nine years ago while exploring my passion for eastern art and culture I fell in love with henna body art and it has become one of my favorite forms of artistic expression. A calm comes over me while I'm mixing the henna, like in a deep meditation. When I am creating art on a person I can get lost in it.

As well as a Mehndi Artist, I am also a Creativity Consultant working to enhance your environment by transforming it into a space that is harmonious and calming through the practice of Feng Shui and Design. I have studied various forms of Feng Shui with a concentration on Tibetan Black Hat Sect Feng Shui while embracing a Western thought process and my own personal creative touch. One of the key focuses I use in a client’s space is by addressing some of our five senses; sight, smell, sound and touch. You can experience my handy work first hand if you treat yourself to some of the Texas Red Tents Women's Retreats and Gatherings that I co-facilitate. Like the gatherings I enhance, I believe one’s home should be a place to revitalize one’s mind & body and renew one’s spirit. Like wise, your place of work can be enhanced to invoke concentration and productivity.

I enjoy helping others to find the peace, a life without clutter can bring. If you don’t use it or it doesn't make you smile upon seeing it, let it go…

I am woman, mysterious and eternal. - Isabel Allende